Tribute Branding

Looking to offer your own Tribute service?

This is exactly what MuchLoved provides, with the capability and flexibility to completely brand the service as you require, creating both short and long-term branding opportunities for you and strengthening relationships with your community.

The service has been designed to give you the benefits of both incredibly rich Tribute site functionality and comprehensive and flexible branding and control. This means you don’t have to wait many months and pay large amounts of money just to get an initial site up and can have a branded service today and save your budget to spend elsewhere!

See examples of branding in the Case Studies section

Your online Remembrance Garden

A key part of the service is your own customised Remembrance Garden where all your Tributes are dynamically displayed. This has proved to be a sensitive and appropriate way for family and friends to find a specific Tribute site when visiting your organisation’s website.

You have complete control over the design of your Remembrance Garden, including graphics, font and colours. At all times you can choose exactly how and where the Tributes appear and you can opt-out any particular Tribute via your Control Panel so that you always stay in control of the display.

As an alternative, you can embed your Tributes directly onto existing web pages using our API facility which can be set up by your webmaster in just a few minutes.

Remembrance Garden Display

Remembrance Garden Display

Example Embedded API Display

Example Embedded API Display

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Your Bespoke Tribute Micro-Site

An extra part of the service is a fully branded landing page (micro-site) giving information about your Tribute service to visitors to your website.

It is here that they can learn about your service and you can tailor this page in terms of both design colours, images and content. This landing pages normally includes:

  • A main Tribute service graphic and welcome message
  • Example Tributes plus links to your online Remembrance Garden
  • Information on donations in lieu of flowers and gift aid reclaim
  • A 'Create' button for visitors to create their own Tributes (if enabled)
  • Information about your organisation and web links to relevant pages

We set this landing page up for you as part of the service and you are able to amend it whenever you want on an ongoing basis.

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Host and display within your own website

Would you like to offer your Tribute Service to display on a page of your website? You can.
We suggest a web address such as:

inmemory.<yourwebsite> *
(*or any other domain that your organisation controls)

Once you’ve told us the web address page that you've chosen, it will take only a few moments to get up and running. This means that you can immediately brand and promote your Tribute service exactly as you want in your letters, leaflets and on social networks.

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If you would like to be sent an example branded page without any obligation or to arrange a short meeting to discuss your options, please contact us