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  1. Creating a Memorial Website as an alternative means of Commemoration
  2. Using a memorial website service to create a loving & lasting Tribute
  3. Have you ever considered setting up an online memorial website to help remember and celebrate the life of a loved one?

Creating a Memorial Website as an alternative means of Commemoration

More and more people are now using the internet as a means of commemoration and a Memorial Website can help you to express, keep and display valuable personal memories and thoughts about your loved one.

On a Memorial Website you can express your feelings about your loved one not just in words but in pictures, music and even video. You can also use your site to enable family and friends, however far away they live, to send their thoughts and to contribute as well, maybe by adding a lovely picture you've never seen or a special story you've never heard.

A memorial website enables friends and family to come together, not only in sharing memories and thoughts, but in supporting each other during the long and painful grieving process. Some people will also use their site to pass on information to family & friends about the funeral and later on anniversaries and other important occasions. A growing number are being used to help raise money for good causes in memory of their loved one.

In addition, memorial websites can be kept online indefinitely, meaning that you can create a lasting record and legacy to be kept in perpetuity for family and future generations to see.

In partnership with the online memorial charity MuchLoved you can now easily create your own Tribute web pages in memory of a loved one who is sadly and greatly missed. As your own special Tribute, these web pages can become a place of comfort to visit at any time or place, in order to help you remember and reflect.

Your web pages are kept private to you although you can also open them up either to selected friends and family or to the public at large. They are very easy to set up in just a matter of a few minutes and you can update and add to them whenever you want over time. Whilst they allow the people affected by bereavement to share their feelings of sadness and loss, they also provide a place with which to remember the joy that the person gave to them all.

Using a memorial website service to create a loving & lasting Tribute

In partnership with memorial website charity MuchLoved we are pleased to offer you a free service to create your own website in memory of a loved one.

The MuchLoved service provides you with rich functionality and beautiful designs so that you can easily create a beautiful memorial website to respect and cherish the memory of your loved one. The following features are all available for you to use immediately:

MuchLoved offers a free service and there is no commercial or promotional material added to your memorial. Its ethos is very different to many other memorial website organisations and you are provided with comprehensive privacy and access controls so that you can control who can visit and make contributions to your Tribute. Your website will not be opened up for public access unless you choose to select this option and you can create your trial Tribute with no obligation simply by visiting www.MuchLoved.com and then selecting the 'Create a Tribute' option.

Have you ever considered setting up an online memorial website to help remember and celebrate the life of a loved one?

We have come together with memorial website specialists MuchLoved to offer you the ability to create your own website dedicated to a loved one who has died.

MuchLoved is a charity set up to help bereaved people following a death and they have set up a memorial website service for us that is both easy to use and sensitively designed along with comprehensive privacy settings.

The Benefits of a memorial website service

This new type of online memorial can have a number of benefits:

The process to create your memorial

In order to make the service accessible to everyone the process to create your memorial is kept very simple and no computer programming or website experience is necessary. There is a quick five-step process to follow, taking just a few minutes, and then you can view and even share your website immediately.

All memorials are given a unique web address that is yours to keep. For example a Tribute to Jack Smith might be jack.smith.muchloved.com, but you can select your own name to use ( such as a nickname) if you prefer.

After this initial creation process, you can add content or make changes to it continually including designs and appearance. There are no limits to this so that you can always keep your Tribute looking exactly as you want it.

Addressing security and access concerns

As a memorial website is your own personal expression of feelings and memories, it is clearly fundamentally important to give you the ability to set the level of privacy you want. In other words to let you control who can visit, what visitors are able to see and what they can add to your site.

As a result, after you first create your MuchLoved website, no one else has access to view or make changes. It is left to you to invite friends and family only when, and if, you are ready to do so, using an 'Invite Manager' which is provided. So whilst public access can be enabled if you wish, this is not done automatically.

As well as deciding who has access to view your website, you can also decide to review all visitor contributions first, before they are added to your site, so that there is no concern over the possibility of receiving unwanted postings. You can even request an email alert to be sent to you whenever a new contribution has been made!

Hosting services and costs

In order to be able to keep a beautiful and lasting record and legacy for both present and future generations, MuchLoved hosts all websites so that they are always online whenever you want to visit over the days, months and years after your loss.

This means that you can create a Tribute and legacy that will last forever...

Finding out more about MuchLoved

MuchLoved is a registered charity founded by Jonathan Davies after the death of his brother Philip at University in 1995. You can find out more about the background to MuchLoved and read their current news by visiting www.muchloved.com

We hope that you will consider joining in this very positive initiative by visiting MuchLoved and creating your own special memorial website.