Promotional leaflets & accessories

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To support your Tribute service we also supply the following literature at cost, using standard templates that you can then tailor in any way you wish in order to keep artwork costs to a minimum.

A5 Information Leaflets

A leaflet highlighting your Tribute service along with screenshots of key memorial website pages and the message that this is a personal way to collect donations for a chosen charity in memory of a loved one.

Information Leaflets cost approximately £35 for 1,000 leaflets plus £10/1,000 for every additional 1,000*

Information Display Holder and take-away cards

A DL sized perspex display holder enclosing a branded Tribute leaflet along with a card pouch that holds up to 100 take-away cards at a time. Ideal for Funeral Directors, hospice shops, charity receptions and waiting rooms.

Display holders enclosing leaflet cost £9.00 each, Take-away cards cost £3 per 100 (min 500)*

MuchLoved Remembrance Pin Badges

Small purple ribbon pin badges signifying remembrance of a loved one. A sensitive way to show that you care.

£0.50 each (Recommended Selling Price £1 each)

*A note about New Artwork
Please add a £40 one-off charge to cover the additional artwork and proofing costs for newly designed customised leaflets and cards.