QR Code Options

A QR Code is shorthand for a "Quick Response" code which is a mobile phone readable barcode that enables an html website link to be added to any printed item.

If you have encoded the link to a Tribute website into the code then any mobile phone (with QR software installed - most do) will automatically open the Tribute website in its internet browser when pointed at the QR code.

You can add a Tribute website QR code onto a memorial stone, plaque, cross, bench or pretty much anything you want including orders of service, so that people can easily open up a Tribute site on their mobile phone.

We are now working with a number of organisations that offer a variety of physical QR codes supplied on plaques and slates that can link through to a particular tribute website. They can even be engraved directly onto the memorial stone itself.

Here are some example user testimonials:

I just wanted to say a big Thank you for the plaque, it was better than I ever expected, the quality and service was all first class, and your help and advice was top notch, thank you again, I will be recommending you and your services to everyone I know


Hello Jonathan,
I'm happy to report that the sandblasted QR code on my mother's gravestone works very well (in fact, you can even activate it from a photo). Thank you for giving me the initial idea.

Mario Di Maggio

If you would like to consider offering a QR plaque option to clients we recommend the following companies:

For more details about adding a QR memorial plaque option please get in touch via our Contact Us section