Funeral Notice

You have the facility to add a funeral notice as an integral part of each Tribute, providing everyone with all the details of the arrangements for the day in one place, easing communication and reducing the number of office enquiries by funeral guests.

Simple to add

It takes just a few seconds to add the funeral notice to your Tribute. This is because the creation form has been designed to be quick and flexible to use and it automatically adds the Funeral location from a pre-loaded database and automatically adds a map using a post-code lookup tool.

Adding your Funeral Notice

Adding your Funeral Notice - Click image to enlarge

Key Features

The Funeral Notice facility has been designed to be totally flexible so it can be customised for the specific needs of each funeral:

  • Your corporate logo and tagline are highly visible to all visitors to the page
  • Direct web links to your website are included (high level SEO ranking)
  • Pre-loaded Funeral Locations with predictive text tool to select
  • Flexible free-format Funeral Details section with html styling options
  • Automatic map display facility with pointer and print options
  • Social network links for ease of communication

 Example Funeral Notice Display

Example Funeral Notice Display - Click image to enlarge

Mobile Optimised

MuchLoved Tributes have always be kept compatible with all the major internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Increasing numbers of people are now accessing Tributes on their mobile devices, particularly at the funeral or wake. MuchLoved has therefore developed a flexible display structure that automatically adjusts to the screen size of the viewing device. This means that all Tributes are optimised for all the different types of mobile device including smartphones and tablets.

If you would like to be sent an example branded page without any obligation or to arrange a short meeting to discuss your options, please contact us