Key Features & Benefits of Tributes

You can provide your clients with a beautiful personalised Tribute website to help them express their grief, share memories and pay lasting tribute to their loved one. The service helps those affected by a death to come together to remember and commemorate as a valuable and ongoing part of the grieving process.

The best Tribute Website functionality

Developed over more than a decade, the MuchLoved service leads the field worldwide in terms of functionality, reliability, sensitivity and flexibility. Just give it a try!

  • An amazing variety of beautiful and inspiring Tribute designs for users to choose from
  • Totally comprehensive privacy, invitation and personalisation settings
  • Simple and easy-to-use settings for clients to update their site themselves at any time, so no need for you to be involved after initial creation
  • Integrated picture slideshows, music playlists, plus video tribute player supporting multiple formats
  • Additional user features such as life stories, virtual candles, timeline and personal diary
  • Optional social network integration including Facebook and Twitter
  • Tributes are hosted online for free in perpetuity

Example Tribute Homepage

Example Tribute Homepage - Click image to enlarge

Your Control Panel for creating Tributes

This is where you and your team can instantly set up Tributes for any of your clients whilst retaining control at all times. Using the creation wizard it only takes a minute to create each Tribute.

The Control Panel also gives you the ability if you need to easily edit existing content and to add details of any cash and cheque donations received.

Your Control Panel can be set up on a branch basis if required with branch-specific login and search facilities.

Your Control Panel

Your Control Panel - Click image to enlarge

Your Remembrance Garden for displaying Tributes

Your Remembrance Garden is a fully branded webpage which automatically displays all your Tribute sites in both a respectful and sensitive way.

You can display your Tributes in whatever order and style you decide and for as long as you want, for example you can highlight your ‘forthcoming funerals’ or all your Tributes ‘created over the last month’ there is now the option to embed your Tributes directly into your existing web pages using the API facility.

Remembrance Garden Display

Remembrance Garden Display

Example Embedded API Display

Example Embedded API Display

Click images to enlarge

Enhanced client service & promoting your website

Offering a Tribute site as part of your service helps you stand out from the crowd.

They not only assist your clients with their bereavement but enhance your community marketing and increase visitors to your website. Consequently you will be promoting your business too.

You can watch a short film here created by exisiting Tribute holders, demonstrating how much they value their Tributes.

User Testimonials

It is a wonderful service you provide for all of us who have lost someone.


What a special site this is. A place we can channel our grief positively, and to find much needed comfort.


If you would like to be sent an example branded page without any obligation or to arrange a short meeting to discuss your options, please contact us