In Memory Donations

More and more people want to respond to a death positively and practically by giving in memory. This might be to support the work of a specific charity, to help fund medical research, or just as a way of thanking an organisation such as a hospice that may have helped. MuchLoved is the ideal service to enable your clients to do this with full functionality to effortlessly process funeral donations online.

The key features

As an integral part of the Tribute website service, Muchloved has a sophisticated online donation facility so that your clients can easily collect in memory donations for any charity of their choice.

  • Secure https and data protection compliant processing of donations
  • Donating through all major credit and debit cards plus Paypal account
  • Full Gift Aid reclaim service included
  • Ability to collect donations for a specific charity branch, appeal or hospital ward
  • Customised donor thank-you email
  • Real time updating of Tribute website with donation details and any donor message of support
  • Full integration of offline donations (cash and cheques) as part of Tribute total
  • Optional extra features such as the ability to add Fundraising Messages, to display a monetary target and to include additional donations collected through any Fundraising Events such as a sponsored run.

Funeral Donations

Funeral Donations - Click image to enlarge

Secure low cost processing

This donation service is offered in partnership with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who today distribute over £1 million to UK charities every working day of the year.

CAF offers an extremely economical donation processing solution with a transaction charge of just 3.6% including all the credit card costs, with no other charge or fee, making it an extremely efficient way of collecting online funeral donations, maximising the amount of your clients’ donations to their chosen charity.

This is approximately half the fee of most other for-profit providers. Great News!

Real Time Reporting

An extra advantage of working with us is integrated reporting, so that you receive full details of all amounts raised whilst the recipient charity receives corresponding notifications and reporting in real time including donor details. This means that all the necessary notifications to the recipient charities are already provided making it completely hassle-free for you.

Donation Summary Report

Donation Summary Report - Click image to enlarge

Add to Order of Service?

Families increasingly participate in the funeral arrangements including personalising the order of service booklet. Why not suggest adding the Tribute website address onto the cover of the booklet so that funeral guests can be encouraged to visit the Tribute and at the same time consider donating in memory. This keeps the funeral donation process simpler and more secure for everyone including there is the added benefit of gift aid being automatically reclaimed for the recipient charity.

If you would like to be sent an example branded page without any obligation or to arrange a short meeting to discuss your options, please contact us